Ravago S.A.

Информация о торгах полимерными материалами

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    Ravago S.A.

    76-78, Rue De Merl


    +32 14701464

    Ravago’s commitment to provide a key service to the plastics market is complemented by strategic investment and growth in the global rubber industry. Ravago is the largest reseller, distributor and recycler of rubber raw materials with an extensive portfolio encompassing elastomeric materials and synthetic & natural rubbers. We use our broad product range, deep market penetration, financial strength and our in-house hedging expertise to thrive in a financially volatile environment. This is to the benefit of our rubber customers, who range from large players in the tire industry to end-converters serving diverse applications in the automotive industry, building & construction, and other sectors. With a corporate history of expansion from a Belgian scrap recycling activity to development of commercial channels to sell prime and "off spec" material in a market with relatively few players, and with the rubber industry shifting towards emerging economies, Ravago is committed to investment and growth in this exciting sphere in order to secure future success.



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